After upgrade of Zotero -- Zotfile confused?

edited 10 days ago
I upgraded laptops, and installed Zotero standalone correctly and sync'd/connected to my data. All seems well from Zotero's standpoint. But when I installed Zotfile on this new machine, and pointed it to the same Google Drive folder that it used to be pointed to (which my tablet reads from, and which still has copies of the 20-or-so PDFs I was currently reading) Zotfile doesn't seem to "remember" that certain of those Zotero items are in fact on the tablet.

I've tried manually adding a "_tablet" and "_tablet_modified" tag (tried both) to the items, in an effort to get Zotfile to try and sync them back to the laptop, but the "Get from tablet" option on the popup menu is still gray. Help? How does Zotfile know there's a file on the tablet if not through the _tablet tag?
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