Messed Up Citations in Word Doc

We have a doc in which the citations were messy so I cleaned them up. This involved making commas superscript and deleting spaces in the citations.

I must have messed a few of them up, because when I update fields (F9), a few of the citations have a "missing reference" error. I am still able to build the bibliography, but none of the citations will jump down to their corresponding entries.

In an attempt to fix this, I've been copying the field codes from the previous version and checking that the field codes are copied properly. Again, a refresh doesn't change the copied citations. However, there are 3 issues with the doc:
• Control+click on the citations do not does not jump down to the bibliography
• If I update the fields (F9), the copied citations are removed and again flagged as errors.
• If I insert a reference which already exists in biblio, it is added again in a different location and the biblio gets corrupted - it appears that all of the references are incorrect at that point.

We've done a lot of other work in the doc, so going back to the last working version is not a great option.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Zotero citations don't jump to the bibliography when you ctrl+click. Did you do anything in the doc to make that happen?
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    Thanks so much for the quick answer and for pointing that out.

    As it turns out, the old version of the doc has a hand-made biblio using Word References. When it was updated w/Zotero, not all of the references were updated to Zotero references. Hence the errors. Thankfully, it was just a matter of reviewing the errors.

    I don't use Zotero much, but now I see why the field code for some of the original references is "ref" rather than "Zotero".
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