Zotero not showing up in Word "ribbon"

Zotero is not showing up in my Word "ribbon". I can drag and drop a Zotero source directly into the Word document. With this method I am unsure if I can modify or ensure the formatting is in APA citation. I can't "restart Word" as today is the first time I have used in Word on this computer via my GMU account. Thanks for the assistance!
  • I really appreciate the answer but I downloaded Java and it still doesn't work. GMU gave me access to Word via "Sharepoint" in my school email. Is that the problem? My husband thinks to use Zotero I will have to purchased Word. Is that right? Thank you!
  • Wait, what? This doesn't have anything to do with Java, and the instructions don't say to do that. The only Java-related instructions are for LibreOffice.
    GMU gave me access to Word via "Sharepoint" in my school email.
    Do you mean Word Online? Word Online isn't currently supported. If you want to use Zotero, you have to use the actual Word program that runs on your computer.
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