Trouble exporting citation file to Zotero

Error #: 2033341238

I am trying to download a citation file from PsycInfo to Zotero. It's only about 250 references. I have tried all the formats (RIS, XML, BibTeX, etc) and none of them work. I get an error message from Zotero saying that my file is an unsupported format. Please help!
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a RIS import that fails?
  • Line Number 1, Column 3:" {file: "moz-nullprincipal:{180cbfaf-97dc-47fd-8ae7-3b3e3d1ddbdb}" line: 1 column: 3 source: "PK"}]
    Actually, it looks like you're trying to import a ZIP file, not a RIS file. If this is from EBSCO, it seems like they may be zipping exported files — there was a report of this in another thread. If you have a ZIP file, you would need to extract it first.
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