Citation not appearing on Reference list

edited January 21, 2023
Im trying to add a citation ( in-text and it does. However, iv noticed that it dosent appear on the reference list at the end. Im using Microsoft Word on a Macbook pro M1 Zotero version 6.0.20. Iv tried re-installing the Word plugin, restarting Zotero and Word, still nothing. Any ideas?
  • edited January 21, 2023
    Delete the bibliography and reinsert it. If previously added citations don't show up then, you flattened the document — see Existing Citations Not Detected.
  • Not sure what 'flattening' the document means tbh. Iv read the resource on that link but not sure it answers my issue. Also tried deleting all citations to that refernces on the doc and still dosent appear on the reference list when re-adding it.
  • It's suddenly appeared! I tried deleting the paper from Zotero, and then re-added it. I then re-cited it on Word and seems to have worked, thanks any.
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