Replace Online Library didn't work for collection discrepancy

Hello all,

I am helping someone else with their Zotero issue so please bear with me. They have a shared library with a collection and sub-collections. They moved items from the collection into different sub-collections based on their review process and then removed the items from the parent collection. At some point during the process, there seems to have been a syncing error, as in their desktop version, it is showing roughly 500 in the collection, while in the web version, it is showing roughly 600.

We couldn't identify any noticeable problems, so we tried resetting using the Replace Online Library option (and I watched them hit the Reset button). Unfortunately, nothing changed.

Any ideas other than having the user locate the discrepancies one by one before unlinking their account in the desktop version and then linking again?

Thanks for your time!
  • Please see changes not syncing and follow steps described there.

    Also when comparing item count within a collection, make sure "View -> Show Items from Subcollections" is not ticked in Zotero, web library does not support that feature.
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    As it says at the top of the Sync → Reset pane, Replace Online Library isn't a troubleshooting step and shouldn't be used for something like this. If they're seeing incorrect data somewhere, that's the thing that should be reported.

    If they get to the last step on the linked page, if they make a change locally to an item that's not appearing in the collection online and then sync, does it appear in the collection?
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