Technical Metadata for PDFs

Are there currently and zotero plugins which allow one to see any available metadata from PDFs? Many times the date of creation or the software used to create the PDF is in this internal Metadata. This metadata is not strictly bibliographic in nature (Zotero's primary focus). But it is a pain to look up the file location and then use mediainfo or the OS tools to reference the metadata. It seems the kind of thing a plugin could do.
  • the information is actually extracted by Zotero already (using the pdfinfo tool) and saved in the same folder as the PDF (as .zotero-ft-info) so you can get to it with two clicks (show file, then open that file -- you can set up TextEdit or so to view it by default).
    No plugin exist, but I don't think a plugin would be particularly hard to do given this, but I'm pretty sure you're the first person who ever asked for it, so it's not like there's huge demand.
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