Word plugin information lost after merging duplicates

Dear all,

I am new to this forum and would like to ask you a question, since I could not find any solutions in the existing threads.
Some time ago I transferred my whole library to a new PC manually without the sync function. I now know that this was a mistake...
At the moment I use the sync function and transferred my whole library using this function again to a new PC. Unfortunately, I now found out that all my entries, that were already present at the time of my manual library export/import, are now still present as duplicates. I did not notice it back then, since the duplicates were not present in my folders but were only present in the general folder. I usually save the pdf-files to the corresponding entries, so all of my old duplicates also have this attachments, but they can not be found on my hard drive and are therefore marked in light-grey. Since merging duplicates also merges the attachments, I now manually deleted all attachments that were not existing anymore. This leaves the new entry with an attachment and the old duplicate entry without attachment.
But now I have two different problems:
1. If I merge both duplicates with the corresponding function and then open old word-files, I can still see the citations, but when I click on Add/Edit, the entries can not be found in my Library any more and if I cite the same literature with my new entry, it creates a new citation. As far as I read in this forum, this should not be the case if you merge duplicates, but only if you delete old ones. Since I was merging them and still have this problem, I would like to now if there are any solutions to this.
2. All my "new entries" have an entry in the field "Extra" that says "Number: x". I don't know where this comes from, maybe from the incorrect import. All the citation styles that I am using do not state this field, but nevertheless I am curious, if this can cause any problems. While merging I would select always the newer entry, since there also the correct attachments are present.

I am very thankful for your advise and help.

Best regards,
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    Do you still have a backup of the database from before you merged items that you can restore from? Or are they still in the trash so that you can restore them to your library? If you do so, do the citations show the items as existing again?
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    Thank you for your quick reply.
    They were still in the trash, so I could restore all of them back to my library. As soon as I did restore them, the citations in the word document were existing again.
    So at the moment I have the new version incl. attachments and the older versions without the attachments.
    Since I am starting to write a large thesis now, I would like to solve this problem and get rid of the duplicates because I am afraid of citing two different versions of the same entry and thereby generate two entries in the new document.
    Just deleting the newer versions also is no possibility, because this problem occurred two years ago and I now have documents citing the old, citing the newer and also citing a random mixture of both, because I did not notice this problem.

    If this is relevant: I use the newest Zotero Version for Mac.
  • Can you merge two items and provide a Debug ID for refreshing the document? Then confirm that the citation becomes orphaned (i.e., Open in My Library stops showing up in the popup in the citation dialog) and, if it does, right-click on the citation, select Toggle Field Codes, and let us know the zotero.org URL that shows up in the code.
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