[Question] Attach all files in pdf directory

I apologise if this is clearly documented somewhere. Get the sense I just don't know which search term to use.

I use Zotero desktop on Linux with Xournal++ (X++) acting as the PDF reader (configured by setting X++ to be the system default then telling Zotero to use the system default). I do this so that I can have ink annotations.

Using this setup, X++ stores annotations in separate .xopp files which are stored in the same directory as the PDF in the underlying Zotero data directory (~/Zotero/storage//). In practice, this works seamlessly.

I'd like to make sure the .xopp files are synced, but I can't see the .xopp file from within Zotero; I have to right-click and select "Show File" to see the underlying directory. If I try to add the .xopp file to Zotero, a copy is created in a different place which breaks the link between the annotations file I edit and the one which is attached.

Is there a way to automatically attach any files which are stored in the same directory as the PDF?
  • You should configure it to store annotations in the file. PDF syncing in Zotero is designed for single files, and standard embedded annotations can also be used by Zotero itself, now and in the future (to create notes from annotations, search annotations, etc.).
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