Automatic File Importing in Firefox Zotero Connector

Reading the Chrome Manifest V3 transition post, I've realized that I've never tried the function, so I've tried, using Firefox (being not yet affected to the V3 transition, it should still work, right?)

I've tried in Scopus saving results in RIS or BibTeX, but the Connector doesn't move, and the browser just prompts me to save the file.
Debug ID is: D2067709695

What am I missing?
  • The support for this is not perfect, mostly because we expect the websites serving these files to use web standards and send a mime-type that corresponds to the file they are sending. If they send the files with text/plain mime-type, we do not and cannot intercept them correctly.
  • Oh, thank you for the explanation, it's clear now. I did a few more test and it seems that the websites handling files without the correct type are way more than legit ones... -_-"
  • Yes. We don't really get requests about this feature. We may have looked to improve it in the past to detect better on more websites, but for the time being it seems like a wasted effort. There may be support for file download handling in extensions in the future, when we will re-enable this feature, which will also be the time to consider ways to improve it.
  • I'm not suggesting it either, I've been using Zotero for years without ever feeling the need for this, better spend the time elsewhere for sure! I've just tried it for testing purposes. Thank you nonetheless for the support
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