Functionality of sticky notes with iPad - terrible

The sticky notes open with such tiny space for writing, it’s very frustrating and almost useless. When annotating a document on iPad I prefer to use the pencil to do it. This means that I need to have room to write the comment without writing over top of the words I’ve already written. ALSO the functionality of the pencil is further diminished by the inability of the app to comprehend the scribble motion as a way of deleting or crossing out text. Instead it continues to string nonsense together until I just delete the entire comment and start over. Finally, because the writing space is so small, the pressure of my hand looking for room to write closes the sticky, which refuses to reopen for editing, at which point I delete the whole thing and rewrite it again. It’s taken me an hour to read & annotate 3 pages of text. I don’t see how this has made my task any easier. If anything, this process is now inefficient and unproductive.
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    You're not using the app the way most people are using it. Note annotations are designed primarily for typing in. If you're using a pencil, that's what ink annotations are for. It sounds like you're trying to use iOS's Scribble feature to have handwritten notes transcribed into note annotations? We'll look into improving that experience, but it's just not something we've designed around given the existence of ink annotations, and only a few people have mentioned it in the nearly two years the app has been publicly available.
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