Exporting Word document to PDF adds date and time to citations

Using the Zotero plugin for Word ver. 16.68 on my Macbook and exporting my word documents to PDFs causes them to automatically add the date and time to all of my citations in the original word document and the pdf like this :

(Sol et al. 2020) 1/19/23 7:56:00 PM

Not sure why this is happening and I've unlinked and relinked the citations as well as reinstalled zotero.
(Sol et al. 2020) 1/19/23 7:56:00 PM
  • Can you reproduce this in a new document? Which citation style are you using? If you have unlinked citations and the look normally before export, it's possible something else is causing the date to be added. Do you have any other plugins installed in Word?
  • It looks like that it doesn't occur in a new document. I'm using Journal of Ornithology style built into Zotero. No other plugins. Does copying and pasting citations into a new document cause these kind of issues?
  • It's hard to say what's causing it. You could try enabling formatting marks and field code display in the document and see whether there are some 0 length fields there that for some reason get rendered as the date when exporting to PDF.
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