"Read" tag or column for reading progress metadata

Thank you, 1,000x, for everything you all do.

Currently, I use the "extra" category in my metadata to input if I've read or not read an article, that way I can add the "extra" column to my main page. I also use the "extra" box to put things like, "PDF in Cloud" or "Library loan" or "eBook online," etc. The fewer clicks over to notes or tags as possible, the better. I also like that "extra" items are not pulled in citations, so it's a safe way to keep track of my materials.

Recently — maybe over the past year — when I save to Zotero from a publisher's website, my "extra" column is getting filled with a bunch of genuinely useless metadata, such as publisher information on academic journal articles. These muddy up my to-do list approach to the "extra" column, and they take more time than I want to spend to erase.

I'd love a simple column/sort option added to the metadata, something like "short notes" that aren't separate note files that I have to click around to get into. At the least, I'd love a button to click for, "read, currently reading, unread." I don't think extra publisher information is going to get any less, so an added column would help me a lot.

Also open to other options and suggestions!
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