Tips for making sure I don't lose my research notes

Hello everyone,

I'm a great Zotero enthusiast, and I have recently started to read and annotate primarily, almost exclusively, on the software. This greatly increases the speed and efficiency of my work, but it makes me wonder about the potential risks associated with centralizing my research notes on one software, rather than multiple word documents I'd save on OneDrive and other places. Do you have useful tips to make sure I will "never" lose my research notes, such as a particular backing-up technique? Syncing is already on, but I somehow worry about a Zotero-wide issue or something like that, which would detrimentally affect my work. I also save my entire library from time to time as a pdf, just to have all my references in one spot should I need it, but the pdf doesn't include my notes or the collections and subcollections on which I rely to classify my sources.

Thanks a lot!
  • Yes, you definitely shouldn't rely on syncing alone for important data like your Zotero library.
    The recommendation for Zotero is really no different than for any other important data, i.e. to ensure that your Zotero data folder is included in your standard back-up strategy, whether that's automated, daily back-ups to a local external disk and/or a cloud back-up service like backblaze*

    *no endorsement -- there are a bunch of similar services and I don't have a particular recommendation.
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