[please ignore] Suggestions for improving inking on Zotero for iOS

edited January 19, 2023

Turns out both of my requests below are already available. Posting relevant links to earlier forum posts, in case other users also have the same issues:

1) Editing existing inking annotation

2) Merging multiple inking annotations

However, beware that merging multiple inking annotations may cause a syncing error:


Original post:

I have several suggestions for improving inking (with Apple Pencil) on Zotero for iOS:

1) Ability to edit an existing inking annotation.

Currently, once a drawing is saved as an annotation, there is no way (that I can find) to edit the drawing. Being able to edit a drawing would make inking so much better!

2) Merging multiple inking annotations.

When I use my Apple Pencil to draw on a PDF in Zotero for iOS, Zotero often breaks up the drawing into multiple separate annotations. Is there any way to have Zotero merge these annotations into a single annotation, so that it only shows up once in the annotations sidebar?

The combination of (1) and (2) would make long handwritten inking annotations much easier to use with Zotero for iOS. Thank you for your consideration.
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