feature request: option to trash duplicate attachments when merging records

The way I have things set up, when I add a record, a PDF gets downloaded, and then zotfile renames it and places it in a central folder and links it to the zotero record. If I mistakenly add a record that I already have in my library, the new PDF gets attached to a duplicate record, and has the number 2 appended to the end (or 3 if 2 already exists in the folder, etc).

When I merge the duplicate records, both PDFs are still linked to the merged record. I have to unlink/remove that file within zotero, and find the associated PDF in my file system and move it to the trash manually. It would be great if this whole process could be automated.

This would really help resolve the common issue of mistakenly annotating multiple duplicate PDFs, which must be transferred manually before merging in order to avoid data loss.

I guess this might be framed more as a zotfile issue, or somewhere between your jurisdictions. Perhaps there also might be some issues gaining permission from the OS to move files to the trash. But either way I'm just putting this idea out there for comment.
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