Web snapshot not working anymore

Edge-Connector: 640885396
Zotero: 1957801728

I'm using Zotero 6.0.20.

Around the time this update was installed, taking web snapshots using the Edge Connector stopped working completely.

The item is saved in Zotero, but the connector shows a red cross at the snapshot stage and no snapshot is made.

This is for all web sites, the last one I've tried when getting the report IDs was https://www.zotero.org/support/

Steps to reproduce:

1. have Zotero running in the background
2. navigate to any web site using Microsoft Edge on Windows 11
3. click the connector icon


* snapshot gets red cross, no snapshot is made, but the item itself is made in Zotero

Expected result:

* there is a snapshot under the item in Zotero
  • It looks like a fix for Snapshots on Edge is in the works, should be out soon.

    Those are completely separate issues (always better to start a new thread when you're not sure). I'd start by disabling all other Firefox add-ons for testing. Might also be worth testing in a fresh Firefox profile -- follow up in a new thread on any of this, though.

  • Thank you very much!
  • Yes, this is fixed in Zotero Connector 5.0.104 for Edge.
  • Can confirm that the new extension version works.
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