Combining in-text and note references in one style

I am currently writing a book for which bibliographical references need to be cited in-text (author date) while archival sources need to be cited as a note. Are there any existing Zotero styles enabling this?
Thanks a lot!
  • Using an author-date style you can just create footnotes with Word and also place author-date citations there.
    All those will then be reflected in your bibliography. Would that cover your use case?
  • That said, that'd have to be a custom style -- I don't think any existing style does would work for that.
  • Hi, thanks for the reply! This is not exactly what I need actually, which would be:
    1) Author-date for in-text citations of bibliography
    2) Full note for footnote citations of archival sources.
    I doubt that Zotero enables this, but still asking just in case...
  • How about using the Word add-on for in-text citations and simply using quick copy for the footnotes -- those wouldn't be auto-updated (or linked in any way to Zotero), but that seems fine in this case?
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    If those "archival sources" can be distinguished from the other items (item type, a metadata field that only exists for those) then you can build that into a custom CSL style.
    if "archival source": longer note format
    else (all other items): short author-date format
  • Wow, I can do that @damnation? Great!
  • Well, actually, I don't see how, since the in-text/note format is defined in the global formatting options that seem to apply to every reference within the CSL style
  • Right, but you could something like (Copello 2021) for secondary sources and
    Copello, Letter to Smith, National Archives, Zotero Collection, Box 14, Folder 3 for primary sources. You'd just have to manually insert the footnote for the latter as damnation said in his first post.
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