My doi keep disappearing :-(

Hi, I see all of my citings in there that I imported. They all had doi on them from Anystyle. Recently Zotero imports them and separates the doi from the citing info.

The problem is when I copy them and put them in my paper all doi are in a list at the end.
Please help!
Thanks so much
  • Not sure what you mean here. Can you take some screenshots that show what you're describing, upload them somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and provide a link here?
  • What I am trying to say is that when I put the citings in Zotero I put them in with the doi. But when I copy and then paste them into my paper the doi are not with the individual citing. They are in a list at the end. Does that explain it better?

    ok try this. it shows what it looks like in Zotero
  • That's not a public link.

    What citation style are you using? You wouldn't have DOIs in your in-text citations — they'd be in the bibliography.
  • ok yes, bibliography. using APA
  • I'm still not sure what you mean. What are the items without titles? We need to see screenshots that actually show everything you're describing.
  • did you try the link? That is what I am talking about-the items without titles. That is what I get when I put them into Zotero.
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    You have to show us what those items actually are — i.e., what appears in the item pane when you click on them — for us to help you.
  • then below that are the citings I put in. When I copy and paste the bibliography into my paper they separate and there is a list of dio at the end of my paper. I cannot take a screenshot of the entire thing-it is a long long list and the names of my files are confidential.
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    Sorry, I just don't know what you're describing here.

    All I'm asking for is you to click on one of the empty items and show us what's in the item pane.
    When I copy and paste the bibliography into my paper they separate and there is a list of dio at the end of my paper.
    I just don't know what you mean by this. Copy how? How are you generating a bibliography? Separate how? We just can't help without some screenshots or a much more detailed description with specific examples, as we describe in Steps to Reproduce.

    If there's something you can't share publicly, you can email it to us at with a link to this thread, but you'll get faster help if you post the screenshots here.
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    @HeatherDawn: But to be clear here, if you have empty items in your library, something obviously went wrong with the AnyStyle parsing, and nothing else is relevant — if there's bad data and empty items in your library and you generate a bibliography from those, you're not going to somehow have a correct bibliography.

    So if all you're talking about is not getting correct items imported from AnyStyle, you don't need to talk about generating a bibliography at all — it's just not relevant and going to be totally confusing.

    In any case, I still don't understand what you're trying to show in the screenshot above.
  • Again: this suggest items don't get imported correctly from anystyle, but we need to see the actual item information (on the right) to say more
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