Style Editor advise to make first author bold

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Hi, the journal I want to send to is under Baishideng Publishing Group. Although the style is mapped in Zotero, the guidelines show that the first author's name and initials in bibliography must be in bold. Could you advise on the code to add to make this modification. If I simply add font-weight="bold" after the author field in the present code <names variable="author" suffix=". ">, all authors names will be bold. I need only the first one to be in bold.
  • Can't be done in CSL/Zotero
  • There is a tool to bold specific author Zotero Update Journal Information plugin. Seclect items and use Tools-Toolbox-Author Bold and/or Asterisk after the plugin installed.
  • @johnmy: I'm not sure what that plugin does, but the question here is about CSL output. I assume the plugin doesn't have anything to do with that.
  • It’s possible to bold an author last name by putting <b> </b> tags around the name in your Zotero data. That would apply to all styles using the item.
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    Yes, the plugin has nothing to do with style, it searches for the author you enter and put <b> </b> around the author in the zotero data, and you can also remove the <b> </b> when you don't need the bold.
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