Feature Request: Turn Authors from CAPITALS to Sentence Case

I have found that some imported citations list the authors in CAPITAL LETTERS and the only resolution is to manually change them to sentence case. It would be great if there was the functionality to quickly changes the names in capitals to Sentance Case. A global solution that allows all authors listed to be changed would be a valuable feature.
  • I don't disagree (though the right-click menus around there are already overcrowded which makes this a bit tricky) but FWIW, if you let us know about a specific site where this tends to happen with some sample URLs, we can often fix this on import.
  • I would find this capability very useful. I find the capitals issue in many fields from many sites, for example, Brill, DeGruyter, Proquest and JSTOR. Author's names and series are the most problematic.
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