Add a PDF book chapter and PDF list of references from an other text

Hi everyone,

I would like use PDF chapters from book/s. I only have the pages with the chapter number, chapter name, author/s and page numbers of them. That mean, I do not have any book name/s, dataI of publish, the ISBN, link etc.
However, I would like use some of these fundamental theoretical references for my thesis.

I did create an explanatory table of references in my expose, for a previous module and would like to add these references into my final thesis.

Before I found Zotero, I just copied the links, add APA version directly from university libraries (for example e-books) and just wrote manually references. I did many mistakes, of cause. Also based on their non-alphabetic listing, like it has to be in the APA style.

Of cause, I do not cite all references. I did and probably will use many literature sources for summaries, explanations, comparisons and so on.

Therefore, It would be a pleasure to get support for my questions:
1. How can I add PDF texts to my library in Zotero (those from my university┬┤professor)?
2. How or can I at all simply copy references from my expose to Zotero and add them to my "new/growing" libary?
3. Can I create a list of references without (direct-) citations, in Word?

It would be really great if you could give me a screenshot or step by step (detailed/visual) description, if arable and necessary. It is difficult for me to have a absolute overview of my screen, because of using the zoom function based on my visual impairment.

Thank you very much in advance!
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