Word not connecting to Zotero

Report ID: 689948288
Under Zotero preferences->tools->cite->Word processors there is nothing listed to enable or disable (only a box to check 'Use classic Add Citation dialog').

Steps undertaken:
1. Re-downloaded Zotero
2. Manually moved zotero.dot to Word start up folder
3. Restarted computer, Zotero, and Word. Zotero menu comes up, but error of "Word not connecting to Zotero" is given when 'insert citation' icon is engaged.
4. Under Zotero->tools->add-ons; there is nothing listed.
5. Under Zotero->help->report error; I can get an error ID, but it does say 'no errors have been logged'.

Using Word for Mac 2011 14.4.0
Zotero 6.0.20

Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you
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