Lawizer is a fake member please make the necessary

I had the following message from a zotero member which I think is part of a fraud scheme . A quick search shows that the email address is suspect. (Example provided below) I love zotero and don't want its services polluted by scam posters. Please make the necessary. May be a special "report-user functionality" is needed. The more zotero will expand the more similar problems will be seen.

[spam removed — D.S.]
  • If this kind individual would be willing to pay the promised sum of 8.6 million dollars over to the CHNM, I don't think any of us would have any complaints. But as you say, that seems an unlikely outcome.
  • The user has been banned and the messages removed. There's a Report Abuse link on user pages. We'll be adding abuse-reporting functionality to messages, along with some other anti-spam functionality, in the near future.
  • The user "ibntech" also seems to be a spam account, and I don't see a report abuse link.
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