Only "save to My Library" on

As the title says, how can I save an article to one of my collections on this website? Thank you. The drop down menu only shows one option - My Library.
  • Is only mean to be used as a last-resort way to save links. You should generally use the Zotero Connector browser extension or the iOS app with the share function in the browser to save resources to Zotero, where you will have more save options to choose from.
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    @atnoir: And if you're really not able to use the Zotero Connector or iOS app, and you want to save to a specific collection, you can just use Add by Identifier in the web library, which is essentially the same thing as the save page.
  • thanks for your reply. frankly, I'm on an Android tablet, and so I guess there's no solution to this issue until the official Zotero on Android is released.
  • Thanks. I'll give "Add by Identifier" a try.
  • Hi, I love Zotero and grateful for existing options.
    For, I'm wondering if there is any hidden query parameter for folder as there are for other parameters--i see mentioned ?q= and ?type=.
    Might this be a quickly implementable workaround before app comes out or for those who prefer not to have a full app installed?
    I wouldn't even care if it didn't notify on failure to find the folder.
    Thanks so much!
  • On second thought the add by identifier works pretty good given you need to be logged in regardless :)
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