Style request: Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Online instructions to authors: Pathology-Instructions to Authors 2022-01-10-1641994681.pdf


1. Campbell JL, Pedersen OK. The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. Comp Polit Stud. 2007;40(3):307–332.
2. Mares I. Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers? In: Hall PA, Soskice D, eds. Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage. New York: Oxford University Press; 2001:184-213.

In text citations:
In text citations are listed in superscript after the punctuation as shown.1, 2

Link to a paper (I can't find one open source, but this will give some of the formatting hopefully!)

Additional information:
- Note: Journal names and book titles are in italics.
- Arrange the list of references alphabetically, numbered consecutively

More examples:
- Journal, ≤6 authors: Holman RT, Wiese HF, Smith AN. Essential fatty acid deficiency. Am J Pathol. 1976;95:255–257.

- Journal, >6 authors: Ortega J, Uzal FA, Walker R, et al. Zygomycotic lymphadenitis in
slaughtered feedlot cattle. Am J Pathol. 2009;47(1):108–114.

- Book chapter: Sligh EG. Neutral lipid storage disease. In: Dyer WJ, ed. Biochemistry of Lipids. 5th ed. London, UK: Academic Press; 1956:471–476.

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