How about opening the entrypoints for add-ons to use Ctrl + Shift + A and Ctrl + Shift + C?

When I use Better Bibtex add-on, I try to use Ctrl + Shift + A and Ctrl + Shift + C to copy different information of the reference, but I can't use Ctrl + Shift + A to copy any information. I consulted the developer of Better Bibtex, he explained that he can't look up the entrypoint of Ctrl + Shift + A, so that is beyond his ability.
Could you open the entrypoints for add-ons to use Ctrl + Shift + A?
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    For context for this request, the function that handles the shortcuts (which for the life of me I can't find right now) has a return deep in the "ctrl-shift-A + translator" branch that I can't hook into.

    If a call to a patchable noop function sat there I could safely patch it, or if Zotero would offer two rather than one exporter to be configured for quick-copy, no patches would be required.

    Would be so much easier to explain if I could remember where that code lived.
  • getContentFromItems() in quickCopy.js?
  • I saw something different, but if modified there is the difference between the ctrl-shift-A and ctrl-shift-C, that's feasible to patch (even if I would personally advocate for a 2nd translator option).
  • Yes, modified means citation mode. We don't have any current plans to add support for a second translator for Ctrl-Shift-A — this really just exists for citation styles, and there are already two separate format drop-downs in that prefpane.
  • It's copySelectedItemsToClipboard. getContentFromItems doesn't get called for export-mode quickcopy, it either calls Zotero_File_Interface.exportItemsToClipboard or does a simple return when asCitations is true-ish.
  • (getContentFromItems is used for drag Quick Copy. We need to unify these calls at some point.)
  • Got it. I can work with that, that's a good use-case too, but patching copySelectedItemsToClipboard for ctrl-shift-A would require duplicating much of that function because of the place where the return is, and I'd prefer not to do that. What @sfdsfsdf wants, and what seems like an interesting use-case to me, is that cmd-shift-A would call BBTs quick copy when either BBT or BBLT is configured as the quick-copy format. If the asCitations branch for 'export' would call a noop passing the format, I could hook into that.
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    Yes. For example:
    One could be:


    Another one could be :
    location = {Place of publication not identified},
    title = {Microsoft Excel 2019 {VBA} and macros},
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    abstract = {Renowned Excel experts Bill Jelen ({MrExcel}) and Tracy Syrstad explain how to build more powerful, reliable, and efficient Excel spreadsheets. Use this guide to automate virtually any routine Excel task: save yourself hours, days, maybe even weeks. Make Excel do things you thought were impossible, discover macro techniques you won't find anywhere else, and create automated reports that are amazingly powerful. Bill Jelen and Tracy Syrstad help you instantly visualize information to make it actionable; capture data from anywhere, and use it anywhere; and automate the best new features in Excel 2019 and Excel in Office 365. You'll find simple, step-by-step instructions, real-world case studies, and 50 workbooks packed with examples and complete, easy-to-adapt solutions. By reading this book, you will: Quickly master Excel macro development Work more efficiently with ranges, cells, and formulas Generate automated reports and quickly adapt them for new requirements Learn to automate pivot tables to summarize, analyze, explore, and present data Use custom dialog boxes to collect data from others using Excel Improve the reliability and resiliency of your macros Integrate data from the internet, Access databases, and other sources Automatically generate charts, visualizations, sparklines, and Word documents Create powerful solutions with classes, collections, and custom functions Solve sophisticated business analysis problems more rapidly About This Book For everyone who wants to get more done with Microsoft Excel in less time For business and financial professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and others who need to efficiently manage and analyze data},
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    Just align these two to Ctrl + Shift + A and Ctrl + Shift + C will do much better.
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