Inserting a citation is slow in Word

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  • Hi guys this problem is still there six years later.
    I found that the field code of citations contains the "abstract" and other unnecessary terms, making it lengthy. Maybe this can be fixed to speed up the citing process?
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    (Please start new threads for new issues — there's no reason to think any performance-related issues from 6 years ago are related to what you're seeing. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    We'll need more details on what exactly you're doing and what the problem is, as well as a Debug ID for an operation that's slow.
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    Hi, thank you for response. the Debug ID is D2114623987.
    Adding more details here:
    Inserting a citation in MS Word is not always slow, it only happens when the location of insert is at the middle or the upper part of the text(when rolling back to add a new citation). If the insert is at the end of the article(like 'citing as you wrting'), it runs smoothly. I guess the citing is slowed down by the renumbering process.
    Besides, I checked out the field codes of the citing in Word and I found it is super lengthy. It seems make no sense to include the whole "abstract" content. How does Zotero generate a field code when citing in Word? Is there any way to custom the terms involved? like remove the "abstract" term in the field code. Maybe this will make the citing faster.
    Waiting for response. Thank you.
  • @dstillman Does the field code of citations containing the "abstract" and other unnecessary terms effect the performance of Word? Will it slow Word?
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