Request: Support Add By Identifier for Wikidata QID


Would it be possible to support to add an item via it's QID from Wikidata ?

As Wikidata is becoming a good resource for scientific bibliography with Scholia¹ and the Cita add-on² for Zotero, this functionality would be useful.
Zotero is already a great tool to contribute bibliographic data in Wikidata and this functionality would kind of "close the loop", as a QID can be a stable identifier for every kind of work.

The Hub³ might help for this task.

Also Wikidata gives the possibility to reference an Open Access version of a paper wherever it is on the web via the property P953⁴. And is a great way to contribute and visualize data with the Citation Typing Ontology (CiTO)⁵, so it might be seriously used to analyze scientific publications in an open way (if it's not already).

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