Batch import bibliography with notes in markdown: newline not recognized

I am trying to import a bibtex library and a large number of notes in the markdown format. The notes are named after the bibtex key so I can easily link them to the item.

I have tried transforming the notes in latex, adding them in annotation field, and importing with better bibtex installed. This mostly work, except that newlines in the notes field are not recognized.

I have tried many other solutions, such as adding notes as html.

Is there a way to easily import a bibliography with notes that respects newline? Is there a better format than bibtex for that?
  • They should import cleanly if you replace the newlines by \par, or double newlines. Single newlines are just spaces in LaTeX/BibTeX, and BBT will import them as such.

    Zotero RDF will also allow you to import notes respecting. BBT JSON will also import notes respecting newlines, but I don't think it does toplevel notes.
  • I'd ask this on the BBT github -- pretty sure this is technically possible, but I'm not surprised it doesn't work out of the box.
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    Thank you for your replies. I have tried \par as well as \\ but it does not work.

    I thought about filing a BBT issue but the problem exists also with zotero's default bibtex reader (when I disable BBT).
  • Please do file an issue on the BBT project. We'll get it sorted.
  • I think I've found the problem. A new BBT has just been released. Would still appreciate a confirmation that it solves your import issue.
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    It works. Multiline annotations with \par as newline are imported as expected with version 6.7.46.
    Thank you very much! And thank you for BBT I hadn't realized you were the person behind it.
  • You're welcome. Simple double newlines ought to work too.
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