Export list of references while keeping folder information

Good afternoon,

I'm trying to send a monthly list of the new publications added to a library with several s folders while keeping the information about the folder in which they have been stored.
Is it possible to do so?
Thank you for our help,
  • So to make sure I understand this right -- you want to select only a subset of items across multiple collection/subcollections and export those including their collection structure?
    I don't believe that's possible, no. You can export collections as a whole with Zotero RDF, but exporting invidual items within collections with their collection information is currently not technically possible.
  • It might be possible to generate something like the list you want using Zotpress, the WordPress plugin. Zotpress will format web library content for you on a WordPress page using a customizable shortcode. You could set up a page with several copies of the shortcode, each one pulling the latest X entries from the desired folders. Add a header for the name of the folder above each related shortcode and you should get a page of text you can copy and paste.
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