Error ID: 546651563 - Extracting Annotations: ColorCategory for Purple Annotations is BLUE

If you are extracting Annotations and their Metadata, e.g. with Zotero integration for Obsidian the value in ColorCategory for Purple Annotations is BLUE, while the #code in the Attribute color is correct/a purple.

Screenshot from the extracted Metadata:!AqK39tZ_lGrrlqpDEYJcHC5rR3tqKA?e=Dumh0h
  • Have you had any luck with a work-around for this problem?
  • If this is about the Obsidian plugin, you'd have to report this to the plugin developer.
  • I belive the problem is in the metadata implemented in Zotero, specifically the color values implemented in the zotero pdf viewer for purple highlights.

    My current workaround is to work with #-color values instead of the human-readable colorname.

  • No, "colorCategory" isn't a thing in Zotero — the note metadata just has the hex codes. Again, if you're having a problem with the Obsidian plugin, you'll need to report that to the plugin developer.
  • Ok thank you, then i'll look into the plugin development.
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