How to remove all full-text and attachments in the Web library?

I once uploaded full-text and attachments to the Zotero Web library, so it is full now. I want to remove all full-text and attachments in the Web library. How should I do?
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    Firstly: please make sure that you actually need/want to do this. Even if your storage is full, your library will continue syncing, storage is only used for file attachments (PDFs and such). You can read more about syncing in this article.

    If you are 100% positive you don't want any file attachments being stored on Zotero servers, firstly you need to disable file syncing (which is different from data syncing, as explained in the article I've linked above) so that files added in future are not uploaded. If you've installed Zotero on more than one device, you need to do this on all devices.

    Once you do this, you can go to your storage page (e.g. by clicking "upgrade storage" in the top right corner on this page) and press the "purge Storage in My Library" button.
  • Thanks.
    As I put all my files on Onedrive, there is no need for that storage. If I keep the web library, it will replace the Onedrive files, which have no meaning.
    So, I purge them.
  • Note, though, that you should very much not be putting your Zotero data folder into OneDrive: that will eventually corrupt your database and we won't provide any support for any issues you're seeing as long as you have Zotero set up that way (because there's a good chance they're related to this).
  • Yes, you are right. I store it on my local disk.
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