Relink attachments on new PC with different username

  • super-newbie here, my network admin set up a new desktop PC for me (Windows) at work, and I copied and tried to paste my Zotero folder to the new desktop, but because my user name has now changed, Zotero cannot locate the files. What is the best way to resolve this, shd I have my admin change my user name to my old one, or should I somehow change the file path in Zotero? THANK YOU!!! (if there is a website or other resource, please refer me, I am happy to look there first)
  • (Please start new threads for new issues. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    Stored files, which are the default, would continue to work on a new computer regardless of the username.

    Assuming you're referring to linked files, those are an advanced configuration we don't recommend, and we can't provide help with that. But you should be able set the linked attachment base directory on this computer to the location of your linked files and have Zotero find the files.
  • In case you may be copying your library to the wrong place, see also:
  • Yeah, I assumed this was just about PDF files due to the thread it was originally posted to, but in case this is just about not seeing any data in Zotero, it's just a question of not copying the data directory files to the correct place.
  • Thanks so much! Yes, I can see the data, but cannot get the attachments by clicking (they do exist in the folder), so thanks for the info, and I will let you know what happens!
  • kk thinking is down to a syncing issue, should be able to resolve, otherwise I will post again. thanks so much!
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