Lost add-on tab

edited January 3, 2023
When intalled add-ons (sci-hub, pdf previewer, better bibtex), I clicked these three add-ons with one time. The three add-ons were all installed and worked well. But I can only find two tabs in the Zotero Preferences. I tested two PC, but one of the two that had tabs on different PC are different. Please try this.
  • Sorry, I don't quite follow. Are you saying not all of the above add-ons have a tab in the Zotero preferences? That'd be something for the add-on developer of the missing add-on to address (if it's supposed to have a tab; not sure that's the case for pdf previewer)
  • Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, not all of the above add-ons have a tab in the Zotero preferences if they are installed by one time. I installed these three add-ons by one time, but only two have a tab. In different computer, the missing add-on is different.
    However, if I installed them one by one, not to select the three add-ons one time, they will all have a tab.
  • I'd guess that the tabs are either running of the side and not appearing or the plugins are reusing some example code that's causing only one of them to show up.

    For the first point, the current layout of the preferences isn't really designed for additional tabs — some plugins just decided to modify the window to add their own tabs. The next major version of Zotero will include a redesigned preferences window that will officially support an unlimited number of custom tabs for plugins.
  • Thanks. I am looking forward next version.
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