What is the difference between "Sync tull-text content" and "File Syncing"?

In the Zotero Preferences setting, there are "Sync full-tex content" and "File Syncing". So, what's the difference between them? In my idea, they are the same, aren't they?
  • Full-text content is literally that — the full-text content of your files. It's not the files themselves. From the documentation:
    When checked, Zotero will sync the extracted text contents of your PDFs and other files, allowing you to perform searches across devices regardless of whether files have been downloaded to a particular device. This also allows for full-text searches in the web library.
    (There's also an explanation if you hover over the checkbox.)
  • So, .pdf format is full-text content or the files themselves. I am still confused.
  • A PDF is a file. Its text is its content — as if you did a Select All in the file and copied the text somewhere.
  • Okay. I know now. It is a good idea.
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