Last-visited pages are not remembered for duplicate tabs

If the same PDF is open in two different tabs, after restarting Zotero the tabs are not reopened to their last-visited pages. Instead, the two tabs show the same page of the PDF. It would be convenient if the last-visited page of each tab (as opposed to just each document) was remembered.

1. Open a PDF.
2. Right-click on the tab and select "Duplicate Tab".
3. In the new tab, navigate to a different page.
4. Switch to the main library view tab. This is key. Otherwise, upon restarting Zotero only a single tab will appear.
5. Restart Zotero.
6. Notice that the two tabs are opened to the same page rather than the pages that were open when Zotero was closed.

This is with version 6.0.19 on Linux.
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