Enhancement suggestion: flagging references

Unless I missed it, I don't think I saw a way to flag references or diary ones to revisit later. While one could create a separate collection for "Review Later" or such, it would be even better if one could flag such references to go back to later, especially when these references are already catalogued under an existing collection. So, putting them into another "Review Later" collection would be a bit redundant.

Regardless, I love Zotero's robustness and stopped using Mendeley because I found Zotero easier to use! Thank you, Zotero community and developers!
  • What do you mean when you say that putting them into "Review Later" collection would be redundant? The same reference can be part of any number of collections simultaneously: it's the same record, not multiple copies, so I don't see any redundancy here.
    Otherwise, could you use a tag for this?
  • Ok - that was my misunderstanding; I thought it duplicated the PDF. I still think, though, it would be nice to have an ability to see available tags when you're tagging a document to ensure consistency. I'll post this as a separate suggestion.
  • Tag autocomplete already exists.
  • To clarify, what I was looking for is, say I've entered a few custom tags manually - then when I continue to add manual custom tags, it would be nice to see the manual tags I've already entered so that I can "reuse" them and attain consistency.

    I find customizing my tags is better than using the auto-generated ones.
  • That's exactly what tag autocomplete does. It has nothing to do with automatic tags specifically.
  • where can I find more info on it? I somehow am not seeing it.
  • I'm not sure what info you're looking for. I'm telling you that it autocompletes based on all tags in the current library.

    If you think you're seeing something different, provide Steps to Reproduce.
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