Open in New Window?

First, I just want to say thank you for such an active, helpful community forum! Zotero is the best I've seen with that. My question here is whether it is possible to open an item in a "new window" so that I don't lose what I'm looking at. Example:

I'm working on a note, but then I want to look at a separate reference in a different collection. When I call up that separate reference (say through a Related Work link), my screen focus (logically so) goes to that separate reference, but then I lose focus on the note I was typing on in my other collection.

Hope this example makes sense. My question is akin to the kind of feature we have in Excel or our browser where we can opt to open items in a "new window" so that we don't lose focus on the existing/different item we were working on.
  • It's not currently possible to open the library view in a separate window or tab, but that's planned for the future. You can of course open PDFs and notes in separate windows.
  • A related use case would be to open a "Related" reference in a new window - even a pop-up window. Just a thought, thank you!
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    I just wanted to add enthusiastic support for the ability to open collections in separate windows. I am constantly scrolling down to search for a collection, then scrolling up to view the main library, scrolling down to view the same collection, etc.

    It would be amazing to have a collection open in one window and the main library open in another window. Would also make dragging items from the main library to a collection easier.

    Thank you!
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