Plea for UI changes when moving to Zotero 7

The spacing between item-type and title is very close (I think that in an earlier discussion it was said that it is one pixel.)

I recall that there have been several questions about differentiating between the plus-button to add another creator to the list and moving to the Abstract field.

I would be very pleased if additional pixels could be added so that when I wish to edit the title I don't accidentally activate the Item Type drop down and that there is a little more space between the contributor/author list and the Abstract field.

Similarly, when I need to edit any field and wish to insert the cursor at the far left of the field, at least on my Mac, I must take extra care so as to avoid (instead of inserting the cursor) selecting the first word or more of the text in the field.

I have read that Zotero is developed on Mac machines. I suspect that these issues are not a problem for the developers or the problems would have already been addressed. This brings me to ask what pointing device you are using. I have tried the Magic Mouse and Apple track-pad as well as Logitech and other mouse brands. None of the pointers I've tried have solved the problem for me. If simply changing the pointing device will solve my problem, please let me know what you use.

The other thing concerns the listing of items in the Title-Creator-Item Type window. When a record is selected it becomes blue highlighted indicating that it can be edited. However, when it is selected but not active the gray highlighting is only subtly darker than the gray color of the white/gray differentiation of the listing with nothing selected. I find it difficult to see a difference in the shading. This is especially so when the selected record is between two un-shaded lines. (When viewed between two shaded lines, the selected-but-not-active record is more easily identified.

Thank you for considering my requests.
  • It might be helpful to have a few options for display density, rather than making individual tweaks to spacing between items. E.g., in Gmail there's an option for "Default / Comfortable / Compact."

    Right now there is a text size option and the stack layout option, but neither of those solve the problems you're mentioning.
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