Dragging PDF attachments to macOS Finder alternative PathFinder removes the PDF from Zotero


This is a follow up on the following issue:


I have finally found out how to replicate accurately the issue. Dragging the PDF out of Zotero into macos’ Finder does not trigger the problem. But dragging the PDF out of Zotero into a Finder replacement named "PathFinder" removes the PDF from the library.

I suppose that Zotero should handle its own files in the same manner regardless of the destination where they are dragged.
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    It's likely PathFinder that's deleting the source file. I don't think we have any code to do that, and since this doesn't happen with Finder I doubt it's something we can fix. You can try reporting it to them.

    In the meantime, if you want to drag to PathFinder, you can right-click and choose Show File, and then Option-drag from the Finder (or PathFinder?) window.
  • Other workaround: I pop up a Finder window on top of PathFinder, and drag the file onto that. It’s annoying but prevents any issue.
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