Accessibility: Add access keys to menu items, context menu, and common dialog boxes

User story:
A user is on a research team. The user cannot use the mouse to interact with Zotero desktop. The user would like to do a task associated with an item (e.g., add it to a collection). The user has to navigate to the item using the keyboard, and then press Shift + F10 (or the application key) to bring up the context menu, then navigate to the menu item using the up/down keys. Depending on the menu item, it could open a dialog box. They have to tab through the dialog box.

This may seem like a minor obstacle if done once, but the user will be doing it many, many times over the course of the project.

If the menu items in the context menu and any dialog box that opened had access keys associated with input elements, then this would remove this disadvantage.
  • Some menu options have access keys. We'll look into adding more. Note that it's already possible to jump to menu options based on the first letter, or to cycle through multiple options that begin with the same letter by pressing the letter repeatedly. E.g., to export a selection of items, you can press Shift-F10 and then E.
  • Also, do look at the Zutilo add-on which let's you configure keyboard shortcuts for almost all Zotero functionality
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