In the legal system is divided into laws and regulations and I would really like an option for regulations in zotero. This will be the same for EU regulations as well. I work with curriculums in teacher education and this would be so helpful for a lot of people I think.

  • While the regulation type makes sense, for EU regulations it is not necessary as the schematics for citing EU regulations and directives are identical.
  • Sorry, I do not get it - there is no choice for directives either. The only category of legal documents is hearing and bill and none of them fit regulations very well
  • This would be statute, no?
  • Thank you, english is not my first language so not easy to find. I think it will be doable using that
  • Technically, the correct type would be statute. Juris-M implements them consequently so, but Zotero styles vary a lot in implementing legal types. Therefore, depending on the target style you might need to adapt the entries.
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