Would be nice to implementa ORCID and ROR.
  • I'm 100% for implementing ROR and ORCID for journals and repositories (like OJS/OPS), but beyond a general "we like PIDs" -- what's the payoff of implementing these in Zotero? At least given their current density of useful implementation, how would they be used and what would they add?
  • It helps with consistency while enriching manually added resources, e.g. if there is no way to pull the record via browser plug-in from a repo or journal.
    This is often the case for reports, grey literature and generally badly curated document landing pages (esp. one page with common metadat but multiple links to different documents)
  • So you'd want a query option for ROR for report institution and similar fields? I guess I can see that (it's what many places do with funder data, e.g.), but many report issuing bodies arent' research organizations, so it would have pretty poor coverage, which in turn means it's confusing to users who don't happen to know what RORs are, so I'm still not sure that'd overall improve the user experience.

    Zotero doesn't currently store author affiliations. If it did (and I can see a case for that, though they're obviously never used in citations, so I also understand why the don't want to open that can of worms), the case for ROR would be much stronger, but absent both that and funding metadata, it's really just a subset of publishers and institutions.
  • I'd say this is something of a quality of life feature, and I agree that ROR is the more important one. It helps preventing spelling errors and clears insecurities about complex names.

    As for whether such organisations are in ROR, that seems to be distributed differently along the disciplines, but there are already many non-traditional research output-producing entities recorded (e.g. https://ror.org/search?page=1&query=federal , everything that isn't a federal university or research lab) - it's also up to the users and curators of ROR whether they want to add an organisation.
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