Unable to upload YouTube videos or pdf files

After using up all my free storage space I upgraded to 2 GB option.

In the YouTube video I click on “share”, “more”, and then the Zotero icon. Nothing happens. When I go into settings - storage it is blank (no storage apparently).

Using IPad 7th generation, IOS 16, and safari browsers. Have same problem on laptop operating on Windows 10. Tried switching from Opera browser to Google Chrome with no change in results.

Worked fine until ran out of storage.

Have project working on that need to save more data for and turn in preliminary report next week.
Guess what my Christmas holiday is going to be instead of watching Christmas shows and football will be on my IPad.

Thanks for any assistance. Merry Christmas
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    Is this in the YouTube app or in the browser? I'm not sure we've tested saving from the YouTube app on iOS. We might be able to get saving from the app to work but there's no guarantee it's technically possible.
    Have same problem on laptop operating on Windows 10.
    Not sure what you mean by that. The Zotero Connector is a totally different thing. What exactly is the problem there? (And it would have to be in Chrome. We can't help with Opera.)
  • It is in the YouTube app.

    By that about laptop I mean that I have the same result when looking at my Zotero storage.
  • I had been using zotero to save videos until ran out of storage
  • Your online storage space shouldn't be relevant here at all.

    I've tested, and saving from the YouTube app should work the same as it does from Safari on iOS. But either way I actually only get a webpage item with no real metadata rather than the fuller metadata you get from Zotero's YouTube translator, which is working on the desktop. We'll see if that's fixable.

    But if you're saying the share sheet doesn't appear at all when you tap on Zotero, that's a more general problem and you should try restarting your device. You should also try saving (anything) to Zotero from Safari.

    But for now, if you're primarily concerned with YouTube, given the translator issue you should save from the Zotero Connector on the desktop.
  • Saving from YouTube on iOS should now be fixed.
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