Zotero running very slowly on macOS monterey

I'm running Zotero on a M1 Mac. Everything about Zotero is running slowly, from opening, selecting an article in the library, expanding the list of attachment for files, and opening a PDF. Almost every action takes over 5 seconds.

I've run the debug, but an error occurred when attempting to submit a debugging report. I've saved the report if it will help.

A possible complication is that I'm running a VPN.

I'm open to any ideas on how to speed up Zotero.

  • Have you tried disabling any third-party plugins?

    If you can't submit the output, you can ZIP the output and email it to us at support@zotero.org with a link to this thread.
  • @BeingAndyC: The debug output needs to be for a specific operation that's slow, and you need to tell us what it's actually meant to show. I'm not seeing any obvious problems in the output.

    Also note that many network connections in Zotero are blocked for you with security errors, which will break various functionality, though syncing appears to be working. Maybe you've specifically allowed api.zotero.org but not other things?

  • I'm sure it's a firewall or certificate problem, but I can't easily fuss with it. It's clear that there's something with this computers setup that's the problem, not Zotero. The web version of Zotero works really well on that computer, so I'll use that instead.
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