Comparing Sources Through a Table/Matrix?

Hi - is there a way to compare reference sources in Zotero through a table or matrix if, for example, I wanted to compare their methodology, sample size, and other aspects of the study?

If I were doing such a compare in Excel, I would have my sources listed down on the left and then going across have my factors that I want to compare (e.g., quantitative vs. qualitative, sample size, etc).

The best way I know to construct such a comparison is to put keywords in my notes, but even then, that doesn't make it table-friendly when I have other text in those notes.

Any tips appreciated; thank you!
  • Hi,

    I am the author of the plugin Better Notes( and am planning to add a new feature, which would be functionally very similar to Obsidian's Dataview: Gather information from items(papers-metadata, annotations, tags, notes) and display them in a column-customizable table.

    If you are interested in this, welcome to mail me at

  • I was told there is a similar feature Obsidian's Dataview ... Does that do the same thing?
  • Ob Dataview searches the notes in Ob. Likely you will want the advanced serch in Zotero, but they are not very similar.
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