Folder Locations


Apologies if my empty searches missed an obvious answer.

I am wanting to see all the folders a specific pdf is in while reading and annotating it.
Also, I would like to assign it to other folders without going back to the folder view.

Currently, I select a file on the overview page and hold ctrl and it lights up what folders it is in. Unfortunately, this isn't a "set view" and so I have to slowly progress by holding ctrl and waiting for each file, which is tedious.

It would be lovely if all the folders it is in were listed, like tags, when you are in the annotation view, and you could move it into other folders without going back to the main view. I do appreciate that I can right-click on the tab header and "view in folder" - that's a time saver.

Additionally, I would love it if I could be in the library and have a way of it showing which files are in which folders there. This way, if I have everything sorted into folders but ten files, I could see easily which ten those are. Also, if I want to get files that are already in File A distributed to subfolders, it could show me which have been distributed where and which haven't been sorted, all from the main library folder.
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