Some suggestions to improve Zotero

edited December 19, 2022

I am a PhD candidate (in social sciences) using Zotero for a couple of years. Some stuff are missing and very frustrating. It's more about the visualisation and using of Zotero destock.
I am sure I am not the only one to feel frustrated by some restrictions on Zotero, especially the Windows version that I use. Here are some suggestions Zotero's coders can pick up (all if you agree with all of them ;-)):

The 3 most important (in my mind):

- make possible to change simulatenously metadata of a group of references (very useful with year, langage, Publication and so one)
- add an horizontal scroll on the library viualation to make possible to add columns without crushing them
- making possible to create automatically collection by langage, author, year , publication, and so on (not manually).

Other suggestions:

- Separate automatic collections with the manual ones.
- change CTRL to ALT (for example) in order to find a file in the library because It's the same curt keyboard shortcurt to select various references which are not side by side.
- allow to automatically line break to read the full title for example and make grey alternative line to improve visualisation of the table (automatic on the Mac version but absent in the Window one).
- make "publisher" (book) and "Publication" (Journal article) the same columns in the visualisation to avoid add a lot of columns to see relevant informations with long list of blank cellules.

Hoping my contribution can help coders to make Zotero better. I would like to participate to this collective effort but I have no comptence on coding.

If there is another place where my suggestions can be better taken into account, please let me know.

Sorry for this text which can contain mistakes, I am not a native English speaker.

Kind regards,
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