Report-ID: Word could not communicate with Zotero .

I just submitted a Report with the ID: 720638670

This is the problem we're facing:
When we try to add a citation to a word-dokument we get the error-message:
"Word could not communicate with Zotero. Pleasemake sure that Zoero is open and try again."
But Zotero _is_ open, and the everything looks fine.
However, when I try to reinstall the Word-Plugin it looks like there is no word-plugin installed, meaning the pane >"Citations" >>"Word processors" is empty, there is no button that would allow me to install - or reinstall - the word-plugin. But the word-plugin still shows up in word.
Help is appreciated,
kind regards,

  • [JavaScript Error: "Unix error 2 during operation open on file /Users/laura/Library/Application Support/Zotero/Profiles/oemhuwrr.default/session.json (No such file or directory)"]
    Seems like Zotero is unable to read its profile folder for some reason. This could be due to some security software or misconfigured folder permissions. You will need to fix that and try again after restarting Zotero. You will know that you've fixed the issue if you don't see that error in Report Errors window anymore.
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